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Accelerated Depreciation scheme for wind energy restored | 22nd Jul 2014
Acceding to demands from wind power generators, the government Friday announced it was reinstating the accelerated depreciation (AD) scheme which was

EWEA Releases European Offshore Wind Industry Statistics | 17th Jul 2014
According to the report of European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), Europe fully grid connected 224 offshore wind turbines in 16 commercial wind farms

Talks Open to End Tariffs on Wind Turbines, Water Filters | 17th Jul 2014
In the World Trade Organization, the U.S., European Union and 12 other governments have opened negotiations on a trade deal aimed at ending tarif

New NPS 60-24 Empowers Wind Energy in Italy | 16th Jul 2014
Northern Power Systems Launches New Wind Turbine for Italian MarketA next-generation renewable energy technology company, Northern Power Systems , has

South Africa: SA Launches One of Africa's Biggest Wind Farms | 16th Jul 2014
The initiatives undertaken by the South African government through the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers (RE-IPP) program have started to r


"Forecasting of wind power generation is desirable from grid management and stability point of view. ", Dr. Jami Hossain, Co-founder, WindForce Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
Reporter : Could you give us a brief introduction of your company’s activities in the wind sector? Dr. Jami Hossain:  WinDForce Management

EnerKite sets new benchmarks in Airborne Wind Energy
Most of today’s wind turbines supply their rated output less than a quarter of time. EnerKites is all set to deliver rated power onshore and off

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