Small Wind Turbines

BRAUN Windturbinen Gmbh

  Manufacturers of Small wind turbines(<100KW) 

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Sudstr.19,57583 Nauroth,Germany & Web: Tel: +49 (0) 2747 93

Fortis Wind Energy

 Manufacturers of Small wind turbines(<100KW) 

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Botanicuslaan 14,9751 AC Haren, Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)50551666

S&W Energiesysteme

  Manufacturers of Small wind turbines(<100KW) 

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Martha-Eberhard-str.2,37269 Eschwege, Germany Tel: +49 (0)5651 76

Southwest windpower Gmbh

  Manufacturers of Small wind turbines(<100KW) 

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Mannesmannstr.6. 50996 cologne Germany Tel: +49 (0)221 1653

Superwind GmbH

 Manufacturer of small wind turbines for professional and industrial use.The products are extremely reliable  and suitable for fully autonomous operation

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Am Rankewerk 2-4,50321 Bruehl, Germany Tel : +49 (0) 2232 5

WES Energy Gmbh

WES Energy Gmbh offers service in the development and construction of small wind turbines; supervision of small wind turbine project from the application to commissioning. 

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Osterstr.15, 25693 St-Michaelisdone, Germany Tel: +49 (0) 4853 88

ENP NeueEnergien GmbH

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Rehmstr. 55A, 49080 Osnabruck, Germany Tel: +49 (0) 541 668

GEO Gesellshaft fur Energie und OekologiembH

Site acquisition, project development, certification and implementation planning as well as realization, independent support during all project phases, sale of turnkey wind energy projects.

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Reidlingswe 3, 25842, Langerhorn, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 4672 77248-0/ Fax: +49 (0) 4672 77248-88:

Baotou Tianlong Permanent Magnet Generator Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Baotou Tianlong Permanent Magnet Generator Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Is located in Baotou which is named as the city of rare earth. It is the material advantages and the leading R&D ability that make Tianlong a Kingdom of PMG. Now we have developed a large series of generators, more than 500 kinds, with the rotation speed range from 50W to 500kW, includes horizontal shaft type, vertical shaft type and outer rotor type. All of the products have been applied in many filed , including wind power generation, hydro power and sea power generation by the customers from the whole China and more than forty foreign countries. We also provide sample PMGs for research programs of more than 50 universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad. With the accumulation of the experience, we gain the ability to produce customized PMG to satisfy the different requirements of different customers. Now we are trying to create the largest industrial base of PMG in west part of China.

Contact Information

26th KM South Ring Road,
Binhe District, Baotou,
Inner Mongolia, China Tel : +86-472-618312

National Wind Energy Co., Ltd.

Subordinated to State Holdings Co., Ltd., National Wind Energy Co., Ltd. was established in November 2007 with a registered capital of RMB 221.04 million. It is a high- tech enterprise, relentlessly committing to the research and development, manufacture and application of renewable energy equipment. Located in Pinggu, National Wind Energy Co., Ltd. covers an area of 144,593 square meters with the production workshop of 18,000 square meters. The company boasts a professional R&D team and its vertical axis wind turbine is completely independent intellectual property rights. Thus the vertical axis wind turbines developed by the company possess many leading technical specifications of the industry.

The company delivers vertical axis wind turbines with the capacity of 100W, 200W, 300W, 1KW, 20KW, etc. and provides all kinds of solutions integrated wind & solar PV.

Contact Information

No.8 Yucai Road, Yukou town,
Pinggu District, Beijing,
P.R.China Tel : +86-10-6190082

Guangzhou HYenergy Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou HYenergy Technology Co., Ltd. Is not only the vice-president member of China Wind Energy Equipment Industry Association, but also the pioneer of high-reliable wind turbine and off-grid wind solar hybrid generation system integration technique.  With the help of the breakthrough in design concept in small wind turbine and in the applied technology of off-grid wind solar hybrid generation, HYenergy makes great contribution to upgrade Sino standard of manufacture of small wind generator industry and drive the development of application with wind solar hybrid generation system products on large scale.

HYenergy is the only one who passes the inspection and approval of the <<Small Wind Turbine With high Reliability Design And Manufacture, Sino Scientific Technological Department>>, the only one in China enters into the “Quality Products Catalogue of Small and medium Wind Turbine 2006, WWEA”

HYenergy is the drafter of the standard No. : 20074719-T604 <<Off-grid Wind Solar Hybrid Generation System Security Requirements>>.

Taking the advantages of the optimal match design between blades and generator as well as the outstanding technology in wind and solar optimal match design, HYenergy achieve the goals of playing important role in the safety of electrical network, transportation and telecommunication by the usage of off-grid wind-solar hybrid generation system to provide “ the most reliable, most suitable and most specialized” products and services.

Contact Information

No. 10, Yongfa Road, Xinhua
Str. Huadu Dist. Guangzhou Tel: +86-20-36888000

Honsim Technology (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

 The name HOSIN is the combination of HONE and SIMULATION, in which Hone means technological enhancement and temper. We upload continuously to hone our technical sophistication and technical expertise to innovative products and services through computer simulation and design. The main products of our company are vertical axis wind turbine with variable blade pitch and horizontal axis wind turbines with passively variable blade pitch that are coupled with the tail deflection. These wind turbines are designed according to IEC61400-2 Class I with a cut-off wind speed 70 m/s. Therefore, our products provide customers safe, reliable and economic wind turbines.

Contact Information

No.250, Guoguang Road,
South Dist., Taichung City 402,
Taiwan (R.O.C) Tel : +886-4-2285770

Fung Gin Da Energy Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

Fung Gin Da Energy Science And Technology Co., Ltd. was established on October 2008, mainly in the vertical axis wind turbine R&D and manufacturing.

The company is in the motor, control, and more than 20 years of experience in the field of fluid mechanics, it took several years for all the shortcomings of the current wind turbines (efficiency, noise, vibration frequency and so on) to improve, change to the turbine blades to enhance polymer wind effect, as long as the wind can generate electricity, the invention break through the traditional clover-type shape and no matter which direction the wind from blowing, you can run, greatly enhance the power generation efficiency.  

The invention has passed in Taiwan, China, United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Vietnam and other multi-national patent, and the German silver medal at the Nuremberg Invention Exhibition sure, the company on August 2010 got ISO-9001 international quality management system certification.

Contact Information

No. 656, Zhong Yuan Lane,
Zhu Wei Tsun, Neipu
Towership, Pingtung County
912, Taiwan Tel : +886-8-7793688

Qingdao Anhua New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.

 Qingdao Anhua New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high and new tech enterprise which specializes in small and medium wind turbine design and manufacture. More than 30 years , the company dedicates to small and medium wind turbine whole system R&D and popularization and accumulate rich experience in design and construction.

ANE possesses more than 10 patents such as pitch control system, automatic safety protection system, yawing, permanent magnet generator etc. Now, there are three series of products: Diffused type wind turbine AH-400W; yawing-type wind turbine AH-500W, AH-1kW and AH-1.5kW; Pitch controlled wind turbineAH-2kW, AH-5kW, AH-10kW, AH-20kW and AH-30kW. Every series of product achieve self-protection and running smoothly and safely at gale condition and extending their service life. Among them a series of pitch controlled wind turbines adopts mechanical pitch control system and automatic safety protection system, which is pioneered in China and this revolution leads to the whole small and medium wind turbine industry development in the field of pitch controlled technology. ANE becomes the industry leader in the small and medium wind turbine business.      

Contact Information

No. 69 Zhuzhou Road,
Laoshan District, Qingdao,
China Tel: +86-532-8062681

Shandong Huaye Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shandong Huaye Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. located in Dezhou Economic Development Zone is a new high-tech enterprise professionally manufacturing wind turbines. With the registered capital 20,000,000 RMB and covering an area of 46000 m2, HUAYE owns 200 staff, 62 of whom are engineering technicians.

The company has combined research, manufacturing, sales in one body, and with strong technology and cooperate with A&C Institute of Shenyang University of Technology and we have many patented technology. The wind turbines, blade, controller, inverters and auto constant speed control devices we manufactured all reach the advance world level. There are 3 types: SUT – 100/200/300 and all these series are variable speed constant frequency wind turbine, consist of the rated power SUT – 100/200/300 gearbox, coupling and generator.

SUT – 100/200/300 is taking the serious environment into consideration when designed, the serial of wind turbine can work steady in cold, wet, salt, mist and sand wind, so this cut the cost of malignances cost.

Sut Serial of wind turbine got the CE certification, and we also use Canada’s techniques to manufacture direct drive generator and they have worked in Romania and Indonesia for many years. 


Contact Information

Hongdu Road,
Dezhou Economic Development Zone
Shandong, China Tel : +86-534-255611

SHFH Green Energy Technology Ltd.

In 2013, with eight years’ effort of Mr. Jiang Weiqin, the broad chairman of Shangai Co-word Enterprise, and the R&D department leaded by Mr. Deng Funan. The company SHFH Green Energy Technology Ltd., was established. The company owned the advanced system of diversion – type wind turbine with vertical axis, which is tested under various natural conditions and granted independent intellectual property rights. In 2012, the system passed the detection and identification by university of Hong Kong.

As the core of corporate culture, we pursue the faith of “achievements for the present and benefits for the future”. Further, we stick to the ideas of “green” “environmental-friendly” “energy-conservative”. The well-worked managing mechanism, edge-cutting productive technologies and humanized concepts guarantee our best service and products.

Contact Information

11/F, BBC Tower, No. 6555
Minhang District, Shanghai Tel: +86-21-24202427

Shanghai Aeolus Windpower Technology Co., Ltd. (SWAT)

SAwT, an innovative company engaged in small and large vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) industry, has conducted systematical research in aerodynamics, generators, electronics, materials and stuructures for VAWT products since 2005. SWAT has made breakthroughs in commercializing VAWTs by solving the problems plaguing VAWT industry: self-starting, efficiency and over speed control. We have obtained 13 Chinese Patents, 8 US patents and 4 Korean patents on VAWTs.

SAWT’ s goal is to revolutionize the wind turbine industry. SAWT currently offers VAWTs of 10w, 300w, 1kw, 3kw, 5kw and 10kw. 50kw and mehawatt-class VAWTs are under development.   

Contact Information

Suite 710, No. 651
East Yunling Road,
Shanghai Tel: +86-21-57246161

Shanghai Ghrepower Green Energy Co., Ltd.

Ghrepower is a small wind turbine system manufacturer; we design, develop and manufacture wind generators, wind blades, wind controllers, solar controllers and wind inverters for small and medium sized wind turbine systems. Our product covers a wide spectrum of small and medium wind turbines, ranging from 300W to 100KW.


Contact Information

1281 Ronghua Rd.
Shanghai Tel: +86-21-37832332

Shenzhen TYPMAR Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen TYPMAR Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneers in green energy in China. As an innovation orientated, science and hi-tech company, TYPMAR(TIMAR) is committed to sale, develop and installation on renewable energy system. Through our efforts on magnetic levitation technology, we developed first maglev wind turbine in the world. The innovative technology between magnetic levitation and solar energy are combined to create a new complementary system. In addition to the ISO9001 quality system certification, we have a number of independent intellectual property rights and proprietary and CE certificates.

Contact Information

Yinshan Bldg 6F,
Beside 107 National RD,
Fuyong Town DIST, Shenzhen,
Guangdong, P.R. China Tel: +86-755-3387275

Hi-VAWT Technology Corp.

 Hi-VAWT is a leading company in vertical axis wind turbine industry. We have total thousands of installation in China, Taiwan, North America, South America, Korea, Japan, UK, South Africa Middle East and most of the countries in Europe. We are now approaching the wind turbine certificate of the BWEA and AWEA standard. The wind turbine application conver wind/PV hybrid street lamp system, residential grid tied system, wind/PV hybrid for telecom base Stations.


Contact Information

No. 3169 Bei-men Rd. Kunshan City Jiangsu
China Tel: +86-512-5790217

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