Power Transmission And Distribution Equipment

Pinghu Huaneng Electronic Co.,Ltd.

The Company is a technological enterprise including research and development, producing, marketing and after service departments with good production environment and facilitated transport. It’s one of the biggest R series, CD series and EL series voltage transformer, special voltage transformer. As the national high and new technology enterprise, our company has strong technical and research capability, advanced testing equipment and perfect quality control system, authorized with ISO 9001:2000 quality system testing certification. Our products have attained CE, CQC safety and quality standard of the products with ROHS certification, reached the national and international standard. The products are sold to country wide market including universities and colleges, army industry, research unit and exported overseas, such as to USA, etc. The products enjoy high reputation among users and deeply welcomed.

Contact Information

Economic Development Zone in the city of Pinghu City,
Zhejiang Province,
618 West Road

www.phhn.com: Tel: +86-573-8509116

BSD Bildungs – und Servicezentrum GmbH

 The company BSD Buildings – und Servicezentrum GmbH was founded in 1993. Since the foundation of  BSD the main subject of our business is Live Working. Our company has grown steadily and today can claim competence and technology leadership in Live Working in Germany itself. The BSD Arc Protection Hood permits the user to work at live parts or in the vicinity of live parts without requirements for head protection (failing objects). Because of its high arc protection level against thermal hazards (arc protection class 2, ATPV 14.0 cal/qcm) the hood can be used at electrical installations with higher short-circuit energy.

Contact Information

www.bsd-dresden.de: Tel: +49 35952 4100

Beijing Scitlion Technology Co., Ltd.

 Beijing Scitlion Technology Co., Ltd. is promoted by Beijing Glass Research Institute, main products are: Special Optical Fiber and Devices : Polarization- Maintaining Fiber(PMF),Infrared Fiber, Silica Fiber, Polarization- Maintaining Fiber Coupler(PMC), Fiber Optic Endoscope, Light Guide Bundles, Silica U-shaped Slot and special Optical Fiber and Devices: Polarization- Maintaining Fiber(PMF), Infrared Fiber, Silica Fiber, Polarization- Maintaining Fiber Coupler (PMC), Fiber Optic Endoscope, Light Guide Bundles, Silica U – Shaped Slot and Tube, etc. Optical Crystal and Scintillation Crystal: CaF2, Baf2, MgF2, LiF, CeF3, etc. Optical thin film and coating Materials : Interfering Filters, transmission enhanced film, etc. Special glass and Optical glass: Optical glass. Thermoscope and IR Windows.

Contact Information

No. 5, Xingguang 4 Ave,
Opto- Mechatronics Industrial Park,
Tongzhou district,
Beijing 101111, China

www.scitlion.com: Tel: +86-10-81508382

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