9th World Wind Energy Conference & Renewable Energy Exhibition

Location: Istanbul
17th June 2010  To: 31st December 2010


15-17 June 2010



WWEC, World Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition, the leading event in wind energy, taking place in a different continent each year, is going to be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 15 to 17th. of June 2010.

Conference & Exhibition aims to set up a powerful platform where the major players of wind energy technologies, industries and policies are gathered together to share the latest technologies and information effecting strategic decisions.

Turkey is reinventing the wind energy utilized vastly in her geographical region before fossil fuels superseded and once used as the force behind sailing vessels and windmills which gave rise to prosperous civilizations of Aegean and Mediterranean city states.

The technical wind energy potential of 88000 MW and the high interest of investors in wind energy emerged with recent 80000MW license applications in respect to governments� wind energy vision to establish 20000MW capacity by the year 2023, the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Republic, create ample opportunities for wind energy projects in Turkey.

Istanbul is exited to accommodate this important event of the wind energy sector which is growing rapidly with many investments taking place in Turkey and in the whole world.


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