Heineman to open annual wind conference

13th November 2013  To: 15th November 2013

Gov. Dave Heineman will open the sixth annual Nebraska Wind Conference Nov. 13-15 at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel in Lincoln.

Heineman will address this year’s theme “Harvesting Nebraska’s Potential” on Nov. 13 by discussing the benefits of wind and solar energy on the state’s economy.

Nebraska state Sens. Lydia Brasch, Ken Haar, Steve Lathrop, Heath Mello and Ken Schilz will discuss the history of wind and solar energy legislation, and offer perspectives on what needs to happen.

Conference attendees will hear from public power districts about the future of renewable energy in Nebraska. Gary Gates, CEO of the Omaha Public Power District; Tom Kent, COO of the Nebraska Public Power District and Doug Bantam, COO of Lincoln Electric System, will give their perspectives.



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