Opportunities in Supply Chain Latin America

Location: Huatulco, Oaxaca
29th April 2010  To: 31st December 2010

The supply chain for the construction and operation of wind farms in Latin America has become increasingly important with the increase in projects across the region; Different and new players are joining this activity called by demand from a growing market where lack of local experiences, high costs, lack of skills developed and chronic deficiencies in infrastructure challenges and opportunities that require new skills, contacts and experience to achieve successful implementation of these projects.

  • Meet the new and current product offerings and services designed to meet the demand of new projects in the region.

  • Develop strategies to meet the goals of national integration by taking advantage of local opportunities they represent.

  • Provide logistical challenges to be had in some locations and contact key people to solve them.

  • Understanding the mechanisms of support from different levels of government to promote local manufacturing.

  • Develop the skills to operate and maintain wind farms with local staff obtaining improvements in the social welfare costs and spreading.

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