Renewable Energy Trading

Location: Dusseldorf
12th September 2012  To: 12th September 2012

With technological advancement, methods for trading renewable energy are being refined and changed to improve the results. This is leading to the emergence of new challenges and debates between power traders, portfolio managers and analysts on how to now accurately forecast power production and prices and successfully trade renewable energy to maximise profits.

Renewable Energy Trading is schedule between 13-14 September 2012 at Holiday Inn Düsseldorf City Centre Düsseldorf, Germany which will focus on Maximising revenue through improved efficiency, better forecasting & increased volumes

Some of the key aspects of the workshop would be :

  • Maximise revenue from renewable energy trading in the new market premium model
  • Understand how renewable energy trading affects power price fluctuation
  • Adjust to the regulatory landscape – are there further changes ahead?
  • Improve forecasting of renewable energy production and price
  • Adapt to the decentralised trading requirements



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