WWEC 2012, Bonn Germany - Community Power - Citizen's Power

Location: Bonn, Germany
03rd July 2012  To: 05th July 2012

World Wind Energy Association annual conference and fair is being held in Bonn, July 3 - 5, 2012. 

The WWEC2012 will discuss all aspects of wind power utilization in 40 sessions. 200 speakers from all over the world, leading experts in their fields, will contribute to a top-class wind event. In accordance with the main topic of the WWEC2012 "Community Power - Citizens' Power", the main focus will be on decentralized ownership models. Next to many sessions presenting community power best practice examples and favorable policies, there will be technical sessions and sessions about economic aspects of wind power. 

Also many side events and special fora will be organized in cooperation with leading international organizations, including IRENA, Deutsche Welle, the World Future Council, WCRE, Eurosolar, ISEP Japan, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, OSEA, Windustry, and more.  



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