Wind Turbine Tower

For Horizontal Axis WEGs, the turbine blades and nacelle are mounted on the tower for better reach to unobstructed wind. Tilt Up Wind Towers These are most often used for consumer ended wind energy systems. These are locked into position when they are in use, but are easily unlocked and lowered to the ground, for ease of maintenance and repairs. These are best installed by a professional. Telephone poles can be used for the smallest wind turbines, though these should only be used with caution A latticed tower like those used for ham radio or television antennas, can be functional for a small (200 kW) turbine tower. Anti-fall devices (such as a guy wire) or other safety devices (such as a climbing guard) are used for self-installed wind turbine tower. Commercial wind tower types Guyed wind towers are the most economical and very strong when properly installed. These are used for wind farms, where there is a concrete foundation to the tower. The guy wires require a wide berth of space around the tower. Self supporting wind towers are generally heavier and more expensive than guy wired towers. They also require a stronger base (more concrete). These are more attractive and take up less room.

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