WINDaba 2015
Cape Town International Convention Centre | 04th Nov 2015
WE20 by 2020
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. | 18th Jun 2015
Training Programme on Mitigating Risks through Wind Resource Assessment
Gurgaon, India | 15th Apr 2015


Where the future belongs!
Where the future belongs!   Jami Hossain   Worldwide installations of grid connected wind energy have reached 300 GW.  Almost 86% o

Waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
In Indian wind energy sector, it is becoming important to make distinction between many positive and heartening anno

Scheduling windpower? Is it not irrational!
Scheduling windpower  Is it not irrational  Jami Hossain  There was a time when we used to pay the same price for



"Forecasting of wind power generation is desirable from grid management and stability point of view. ", Dr. Jami Hossain, Co-founder, WindForce Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

11th December 2013
To: 11th December 2013

Reporter : Could you give us a brief introduction of your company’s activities in the wind sector? Dr. Jami Hossain:  WinDForce Management
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EnerKite sets new benchmarks in Airborne Wind Energy

27th September 2012
To: 27th September 2012

Most of today’s wind turbines supply their rated output less than a quarter of time. EnerKites is all set to deliver rated power onshore and off
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