"Forecasting of wind power generation is desirable from grid management and stability point of view. ", Dr. Jami Hossain, Co-founder, WindForce Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

11th December 2013  To: 11th December 2013

Reporter : Could you give us a brief introduction of your company’s activities in the wind sector?

Dr. Jami Hossain:  WinDForce Management Services Pvt. Ltd (WFMS) was founded by me and Vinod Kala in 2008 as a subsidiary of Emergent Ventures India to provide high quality engineering and scientific services to the Wind Energy Sector. Since 2008, WFMS has emerged as a leading wind energy services company. 
WFMS works with public and private sector institutions to deliver services towards development of wind-farms that are high performance projects and are set up in accordance with international standards and capability to yield high returns to clients and investors. Currently, we have consultancy experience of more than 5000 MW wind projects across various countries.

The company is managed by professionals having more than 150+ man years of experience in wind energy development. The team has very strong credentials and knowledge-base on wind energy, wind industry, wind prospecting, measurements and resource assessment, contracting, policy & regulations, power purchase agreements (PPAs), project management, forecasting & scheduling and commercializing new technologies. 
WFMS uses State-of-the-art tools and techniques for wind farm design and assessment of Annual Energy Production (AEP). WFMS also provides other services for wind-farm development viz., project structuring and financing facilitation, establishing electricity off take arrangements, technical due diligence of existing wind farms, owner’s engineering services during implementation and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) phase of the wind project.

Reporter: The wind sector is currently seeing a slow growth. Is the situation changing? What is your view on the growth of wind industry in the coming years?

Dr. Jami Hossain: Wind sector in India is seeing slow growth due to certain policy matters that have to be resolved. However, given that there is a large potential for wind energy utilization in the country and also the fact that environmentally sound energy options for India are rather limited, in the long term, we should see significant capacity development in the country. Wind energy capacity set up in the country will minimize risks associated with cost fluctuations and availability of imported fuel to the extent that wind substitutes fossil fuel based energy. This is a major long-term energy security implication of wind energy utilization.

There are plans to revive tax breaks for wind farms. What do you feel will be the changes in the wind sector after the execution of this plan?

Dr. Jami Hossain: We can expect more than 2000 MW installations per year, though we need more.

Reporter: Could you brief us on some of your current and upcoming projects?

Dr. Jami Hossain:  We are a consulting services firm with a focus on wind energy and we have:

·   Successfully completed wind resource assessment of more than 4000 MW wind sites, with installation of wind mast, use of actual wind site data, long term weather patterns and site conditions, to arrive at robust wind resource assessment (Approx 500 MW in pipeline);

·    Carried out technical due diligence for more than 1100 MW of wind farms, both green-field and brown field. Detailed evaluation included analysis of wind resource, selection/ evaluation of technology/wind turbine models suited to the site profile, and assessment of transmission and distribution adequacy (Approx 400 MW in pipeline);

·   Provided project management services and quality assurance, as owner’s engineers for wind projects of more than 800 MW. These assignments entailed project management, setting up of QAP in project implementation and ensuring adherence to QAP as well as placement of on ground engineers (approx 250 MW in pipeline);

·   Carried out technical due-diligence and feasibility assessment for developers, equity investors, as well as leading international and local financial institutions;

·   Worked with regulators in development of enabling policy framework to support wind power development;

·   Developed software driven, online, meso-map and energy estimation service to facilitate preliminary energy generation assessments. This covers entire India and uses data from variety of wind measurements across India as well as NCEP/NCAR data.

·   Undertook country assignments to develop wind resource maps for Kenya and Malaysia and assisted the government of Mauritius in assessment, planning, tendering.


Reporter: Recently the regulations have been tightened for the prediction of wind power generation. What is your take on the impact this ruling will have on the sector?

Dr. Jami Hossain: In the immediate term this has lead to chaos and confusion, however, in the long-term matters will get resolved. Forecasting of wind power generation is desirable from grid management and stability point of view. This should be achieved with minimum confusion and also minimum adverse implications to wind energy generators.

 You have been very active in the wind industry, are you planning to expand your services to the solar sector too?

Dr. Jami Hossain:  A team in our sister concern EVI is actively working on Solar projects.

 What capacity, state wise, you see being added this financial year?

Dr. Jami Hossain: In total, I would say about 1500 MW in the current year.



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