3D-printed wind turbine puts 300W of power in your backpack

19th August 2014  To: 19th August 2014

The AirEnergy3D (AE3D) project aims to produce an open source 3D printed wind turbine that could produce up to 300W of power. It's developed by Polish 3D printer manufacturer Omni3D. Currently undertaking crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the team hopes to make its mobile wind turbine a reality, with part of its goal being to allow developing regions to create reliable and renewable power sources.  

The open source wind turbine is quite portable and could fit into a camping backpack with no trouble. Moving and assembling the kit is easy without power tools required, we are told. Consisting of blades and a base station, the turbine is capable of producing up to 300 watts of power, enough to keep laptops, smartphones, and plenty of other gadgets running.



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