Analyswift and Altran develop blade design software

13th January 2014  To: 13th January 2014

Analyswift and engineering company Altran, a digital modelling company has teamed up to develop software to optimize the design on wind turbine blades.

The technology is being designed to address aerodynamics, structural modeling, and optimization of emerging wind turbine blades.

AnalySwift’s VABS and PreVABS existing software will be used in combination with code developed by Altran to model the performance of blades in the design stage under different simulations.

The code will include an optimization loop, which is used to speed up processing and allow for the simulation of more complex scenarios, in order to improve the design.

Structures as complex as real composite rotor blades with hundreds of layers and complex microstructures mean that processing time can sometimes take hours. This software is intended to reduce the length of analysis and therefore allow for more in-depth calculations before embarking on the prototype stage.



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