BASF launches system to make India's wind turbines more efficient

31st October 2013  To: 31st October 2013

BASF has launched the RELEST® Wind RepKit in India for the first time, a high performance system for repairing rotor blades in wind turbines. BASF solutions are designed to help the wind power industry and other renewable energy industries become more competitive with traditional power sources.

The wear and tear on a rotor blade and on the paint applied to it is extreme. These have the potential to cause damage during the wind turbines life cycle that impairs performance. With RELEST® Wind RepKit, this damage can be repaired, boosting the turbine’s efficiency.

The RELEST® Wind RepKit system is designed for stationary use on the ground or on the turbine itself. It is simple, fast to use and comprises all products and tools required for repairs plus extensive application training. RELEST® Wind RepKit has proven its effectiveness in Germany’s world-scale wind industry since its introduction there in 2012. Germany had more than 23,000 wind turbines as of the end of 2012.

BASF also offers a range of solutions that help wind turbines shorten instruction times, improve durability, and operate more efficiently. These are used in rotor blades, construction of towers & foundations, gearboxes and for repairs.



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