Dragonfly wind turbine aims to blend in, produce power in low wind conditions

19th November 2013  To: 19th November 2013

Wind turbines can offer viable renewable power generation for a cleaner energy future, but the most efficient of them are not suited to any type of urban or small scale installations, so for many of us, they are at least one step removed from our daily lives. We might happen to drive past a large wind power plant and see them in operation, or we may have the opportunity to choose a wind power offset from our power company, but that's probably about as close as we get.

But small scale and urban wind turbines suited to low or turbulent wind conditions could be an option for more of us, if we can get past two big considerations, the visibility and the lower historical efficiency of small turbines. And one new wind turbine prototype takes aim at both of those.

The Libellula (dragonfly) wind turbine, designed by the architects at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) in collaboration with Italy's Enel Green power, could be a viable choice for small-scale electricity generation, with the ability to produce up to 55Kw (sufficient to power up to 15 homes).

The prototype of the Dragonfly wind turbine is currently being tested in Molinetto (Italy), and in two months, has fed over 1200 KWh into the local grid. Testing is said to continue for several months, with mass production for the local market to follow soon afterward.



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