Formula One derived energy storage technology

28th January 2014  To: 28th January 2014

Williams Advanced Engineering is embarking on a project to install flywheel energy storage technology in two remote Scottish island communities to help stabilize their power grids, improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions from non-renewable power sources. Williams Advanced Engineering is the division of Williams that commercializes Formula One derived technologies 

The Isle of Eigg and Fair Isle will be the first sites in Europe to install Formula One developed composite flywheel energy storage technology into their power networks. The project is being partially funded by an extended grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change's (DECC) Energy Entrepreneurs Fund which aims to encourage innovation in the low carbon sector.

Williams Advanced Engineering has joined forces with the Fair Isle Electricity Company and Eigg Electric to identify possible operational improvements, energy saving and environmental benefits from installing the technology on each island. The Fair Isle power network relies heavily on wind turbines and diesel generators to supplement the power system and can only guarantee power during the day. Williams Advanced Engineering's flywheel technology will smooth the power flowing from the wind turbines and inject stored energy when needed. This will improve the quality of power received by residents and reduce the reliance on costly diesel generators that produce high CO2 emissions.



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