India ranked 5th amongst top 10 wind power producers: Report

19th August 2014  To: 19th August 2014

By adding 1,700 MW capacity in 2013, India ranked fifth amongst top ten wind power producers in the world.

In terms of annual investment in the wind energy sector and production, China ranked number one followed by Germany, UK, India and Canada.

“China was the leading wind power producer by adding 16,100 MW capacity in 2013, followed by USA, Germany and Spain,” Renewables 2014 Global Status Report said.

By the end of 2013, China, the US, Brazil, Canada and Germany remained the top countries for total installed renewable power capacity, the report said.

Worldwide more than 35,000 MW wind power capacity was added taking the total number to 3,18,000 MW in 2013 to which India contributed 1,700 MW. 

India, which added more than 4,000 MW renewable capacity in 2013 also plans to increase the capacity to 55,000 MW by 2017 from the current level of around 30,000 MW.




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