Powersails is a portable wind turbine for disaster relief

07th November 2013  To: 07th November 2013

Powersails is a portable wind-power system that can produce twice as much annual power by increasing its swept area to wind conditions

More Power, Less Wind, Cost Effective

The Powersails project started 4 years ago to address mission critical energy needs in disaster areas for humanitarian aid, disaster relief and infrastructure restoration. A rapid response is critical to save lives, relieve suffering and start rebuilding.

Energy is essential for communication, lights, heat, water pumping and purification as well as other activities requiring power. The current mobile energy solution is fossil fuel based and not sustainable. You run out of fuel, you stop energy dependent activities. Powersails POD’s energy input options include solar and fuel based generation plus storage. It was designed for a specific need but can be used in many other applications ranging from off grid living to sustainable advertising.


The Powersails Difference

 Powersails generate more power at a lower cost than any other small wind turbine. It can double potential power production by adjusting the turbines swept area based on wind conditions. In low to moderate wind, sails fully extend maximizing power production. In high wind, sails retract protecting the system. Increasing a turbine swept area by 25% you realize a 100% increase in potential wind energy. Increase it by 50% and realize a 200% increase. This innovation will set a new standard for wind turbine efficiency.



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