Regen Powertech to launch wind-solar hybrid systems

17th June 2014  To: 17th June 2014

 Regen Powertech, a leading wind turbine manufacturing company, is all set to roll out its wind-solar hybrid systems.

The company has perfected the system, marrying photo-voltaic plants of either 500 kV or 750 kV with Regen’s 1.5 MW wind turbines. The tweaking has been done in terms of optimising power electronics. The cost of the solar plant will be 20 per cent lower than a standalone solar plant of the same capacity.

The company has enough land banks under its control to support 1,000 MW of wind turbine installations.

Besides, Regen Powertech produces gearless turbines with permanent magnet-based generators using technology licensed from Vensys of Germany.



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