UK's first micro urban wind farm built in Hull by Inter Tech and Quiet Revolution

27th December 2013  To: 27th December 2013

The UK’S first micro urban wind farm is already up and running in the city. The German engineering giant is being tipped to make an announcement early in the New Year giving long-awaited confirmation of proposals to open an offshore own turbine assembly facility at Alexandra Dock in east Hull.

The onshore wind power is now being generated at a pilot site on Priory Park. The micro wind farm is a joint venture between Hull-based commercial design company Inter Tech and turbine manufacturers Quiet Revolution.

It features six new slim-line turbines which have been added to two existing ones on land next to Inter Tech’s office in Saltmarsh Court. Installed earlier this month, the new turbines have already proved their worth after running without any problems during the gale force winds which coincided with the recent North Sea tidal surge along the Humber.



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