UW-Milwaukee proposes microgrid facility

10th December 2013  To: 10th December 2013

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is proposing to create a microgrid combining wind, solar and battery power at a research building in Glendale.

Adel Nasiri, UWM associate professor of electrical engineering, will appear before the Glendale Plan Commission on Tuesday to discuss the project, including plans to install a small-scale wind turbine as well as a solar array, plus energy storage systems and control equipment.

The project has the support of UWM as well as an energy research consortium based in Milwaukee that involves corporations and universities, among others. The consortium recently changed its name to the Mid-West Energy Research Consortium, as it broadened its focus to the Midwest from Wisconsin.

The 10-kilowatt wind turbine would be on a 100-foot pole, located in the parking lot at 111 E. Reindl Way, the UWM University Services & Research Building, located just north of Capitol Drive near the Outpost Natural Foods store.

In an interview, Nasiri reportedly said the project is envisioned as a "test bed facility" for research on microgrid systems and electrical systems involving renewable energy and energy storage. A microgrid is a self-contained system for generating electricity from a combination of sources.



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