World's Highest Wind Turbine Will Hover Above Alaska

15th April 2014  To: 15th April 2014

Conventional wind turbines, which are based on land and are mounted on top of tall masts, are probably the most recognizable form of wind energy harvesting devices, and wind farms are already a viable method of producing clean renewable energy. But tower-mounted wind turbines do have a few limitations, as winds nearer to the ground can sometimes be inconsistent, with slow or gusty wind conditions affecting the power output from them.

And while ground-based wind turbines remain a practical system for generating clean electricity, the future of low cost wind power for remote areas might be found in high altitude wind turbines (HAWTs), which are deployed high above the Earth, where they can take advantage of stronger and more consistent winds.

One turbine in Alaska, however, will now spin high above the rest. Altaeros Energies will launch its high-altitude floating wind turbine south of Fairbanks to bring more affordable power to a remote community. Ben Glass, CEO of Altaeros reportedly said to The New York Times that the company expects to provide power at about $0.18 per kilowatt-hour, about half the price of off-grid electricity in Alaska. 



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