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  1. Not affiliated with any association or pressure group; absolutely neutral platform.
  2. Wind Turbines Database: access specs and power tables of wind turbines under different range of ratings.
    Plus, submit specs of wind turbines you have and they can be included in the database.
  3. Resources: Energy Calculator - calculate AEO (Annual Energy Output) from any wind turbine at any site for which you know the wind speeds. Other facilities like Financial Calculations etc. will be added soon. The facility will be particularly useful to those setting up small WTG, where they cannot afford very costly measurements and where an idea of the likely generation will suffice.
  4. Network: Connect to institutions and associations worldwide. Send us your coordinates and get connected through this Network.
  5. Library: Access electronic books, papers and presentations. Also, submit your own to be included in our library for world wide distribution.
  6. Training: We are going to place training programs for different levels and purposes. Your ideas are welcome.
  7. Glossary, Events and Forums: Will enable you to access terms specific to wind energy and in the forums section you can initiate discussions on issues or technologies.



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