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PLF@Click, is a wind prospecting and wind turbine energy assessment tool based on SpatialWind, a web based computational application that enables the registered members to quickly assess any site (location), other than the Himalayan region in India for its wind resource. The application generates reports on different parameters depending upon the options chosen by the member. PLF@Click can generate reports on mean annual wind speeds at any height above the ground, expected monthly profile of wind speeds, wind power density (WPD), Annual Energy Output (AEO) from various wind turbine models and Plant Load Factor (PLF), also known as Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF), for different wind turbine models at the site.

PLF@Click runs on SpatialWind, a Geographical Information System (GIS) web based based computational engine developed by Jami Hossain, Chief Mentor and Co-founder of Windforce Management Services Pvt Limited.