Product & Services

This web portal provides and easily accessible modelling tool for finding the PLF at locations across India from various models of commercially available wind turbine generators (WTG). Through this website all stakeholder in the wind industry desirous of understanding the wind potential at various locations in India for wind power generation can at the click of a button get an estimation of the likely PLF at given co-ordinate points. The report for the selected services will be generated in the format as shown in the sample report.

Technical Basis of the Analysis

SpatialWind is a wind resource assessment computational application, which is based on scientific and academic work on wind speed extrapolation, potential assessment, boundary layer, complex terrain modelling & wind shear carried out by Jami Hossain, Chief Mentor and Co-founder, WinDForce Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Jami Hossain has pioneered implementation of these scientific tools on a GIS Platform and in development of SpatialWind as an online tool.

SpatialWind has been validated with actual measurements across major parts of India, mainly including the Gangetic plains and the Southern Peninsula. Currently, it is not being applied to regions outside India and the Himalayan regions.

The power curves for various wind turbine models available for the analysis have been sourced from the public domain which WinDForce believes to be true and correct. The results generated by SpatialWind constitutes a broad level understanding of the potential for wind farm development for location(s) and wind turbine model(s) selected by the Client on the portal. The results are meant to provide the Client with a general idea of the wind speeds at a given site and the Annual Energy Generation potential with the selected wind turbine models.

In the revalidation exercise with several stations across the country and at varying heights, it was found that generally results were subject to error levels on wind speeds as follows:

Maximum Error = 30%;
Minimum Error = 0.2%;
Mean Absolute Error < 10%.

How to Generate the Report

In order to generate reports, the user the PLF(other services) registration SpatialWind is must. The mandatory details required for the registration should be entered and the Terms & Conditions for the use of this online facility should be accepted & agreed.

After successful registration, the service for which the report is required is selected.

The geographical co-ordinates in latitude and longitude for the location where the PLF is required along with the WTG model for which it is required is entered or selected in the respective fields.

Once these details are furnished, a quote for the report should be generated. If the user is satisfied with the details of the services and their pricing in the quotation he proceeds to make payment or goes back to modify his requirement list to include more locations or WTG models and generate the quotation again.

Once fully satisfied with his requirements he proceeds to make the payment.

After successful transaction of the payment, the report is generated and the user receives a mail on the given e-mail ID informing him of the successful receipt of payment and readiness of the report for download.

The User can then download the report for his use. The flow chart of the report generation process is shown below.